Creating a great self-tape

Traditionally, models and actors are called to physically attend a casting in the casting director’s studio to audition for a role they are interested in.

Since physical distancing has become a recommendation, the majority of castings are being done remotely, with casting directors and clients requesting that models and actors create their own self-tapes, filming themselves as they audition for the role, according to the client brief.

Creating a self-tape can be tricky, especially if you don’t have someone to help you with the filming, so the lovely ladies at my Johannesburg agency – GAPA Model Agency – and I put our heads together to identify the steps, tips and tricks that would help actors and models to create great self-tapes, even when they are alone at home and have only a camera phone to film with.

Once we had identified the most important pieces, I created this tutorial while I was at home alone in my flat in Johannesburg during the lockdown. I used my iPad to film one short piece of footage where I demonstrated how I positioned my iPhone.

I hope that you enjoy this video, and that it helps you the next time you have to make a self-tape.

Tutorial created in association with GAPA Model Agency