About Deborah Darling

My name is Deborah Chambers, I was born in New Zealand and I now live in Pretoria, in South Africa.

About twenty years ago work colleagues started calling me Deborah Darling (I don’t really know why) and somehow it stuck. Soon family and friends outside of the office were calling me Deborah Darling, or Ms Darling. I rather liked my new name, so I adopted the idea myself.

I started a rather late-blossoming modelling career when I was 53, about seven years ago now, and this has given me the perfect opportunity to spread the word that we are never too old, and it’s never too late.

I believe that growing older is a great privilege and that the lines on our faces and the marks on our bodies tell the beautiful story of each of our own unique lives. My mission is to look my own best version of my 60 years and to inspire women to live full, active and stylish lives, no matter what their age.

Featured photograph by Ramzi Mansour Photography