Creating content

I love creating the stories, photographs, and videos that I share on my social media platforms; and I feel very honoured that so many people reach out to engage with me every day.

Since I set out on my pro-ageing mission about five years ago, creating content to support my message has become an (almost) full-time occupation.

Sponsored content

I occasionally collaborate with brands to create sponsored content on my platforms. This may mean that I receive a free product or service; or payment in return for helping to expose the brand’s message to my audience.

Sales via the shop

I earn commission or compensation from sales made through my shop. Any purchases made through any of my links will be at no extra cost to you.


I am committed to being honest in my opinions and views. I will never share a positive message or review in return for payment or incentivisation for a product or service if I do not believe the claim to be true. I will not feature items that I don’t like, or that I wouldn’t love to wear.


I will always disclose when a product or service has been gifted to me, when content has been sponsored, and where affiliate links have been used.

The flowchart below was created by Later, reproduced here with permission, and illustrates disclosure guidelines according to the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Similar advertising standards rules apply in other countries.

Featured photograph by Robyn Davie Photography