If you would like to offer me the gift of a product or service for consideration please bear in mind:

  • I cannot guarantee that I will cover the gifted product or service on my blog or social media channels, gifted items are for trial and consideration only.
  • If I do decide to cover the product or service, it will be in my own timeframe, and in whatever context I decide is appropriate.
  • Gifted items will always be declared as such. Please see my disclosure policy for more details.
  • Any content or imagery created around the gift remains my property and may only be reused with my written permission.
  • Gifted items become my property to use and/or dispose of as I wish.
  • Any links included in a post will be “no follow” in accordance with Google’s guidelines as gifted items are deemed to be a payment.

Shipping samples and gifts

When shipping gifts or samples into South Africa:

  • Please do not use the postal service to send me gifted or sample items.
  • Please use a shipping company/courier service to send any items to me from outside of South Africa.
  • Kindly prearrange with the shipping or courier company to cover any import taxes and duties prior to shipping.

Guaranteed social media exposure including specific keywords or links is considered to be sponsored content and is therefore chargeable. Please see working with me for more details.

Featured photograph by Mpumelelo Buthelezi Photographer