Retirement Redesigned – Course

We aren’t like our grandparents and “retirement” doesn’t look anything like it used to.

I believe that we can create a rich, purpose-driven life in our third chapter if we address some key aspects that are essential to our all-round wellbeing.

The team at Reset Retirement has created a practical, hands-on course that tackles 12 important areas. Each chapter is designed to help you assess where you are, explore ways to make positive changes, and apply your new-found ideas and skills with a well-thought-out assignment to wrap each section up.

(The course typically takes around 12 weeks to complete.)

I have partnered with Reset Retirement to help them to spread the word about this course, and as such will receive a commission for any sales made via my channels.


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From Reset Retirement

For many, retirement is a negative experience, while for others it’s the most rewarding phase of life.

There are many things we can do, beyond saving, that can vastly improve our outcomes. Our courses will equip you for a more fulfilling life after full-time work.

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